How to Fill Out a Money Order | 5 Simple Steps

How to fill out a money order a step-by-Step guide | Money orders are widely excepted secure payment method and good way to send money that never expire or bounce.

Filling out money order is easy but, for the money order to reach the right person, it is important that it is filled correctly. In this guide, you have been told how to fill money order in a very easy way.

USPS money orders can be used up to $1000

You can purchase a money order from the Post Office. These are generally affordable and easy to fill out.

If you want it from other places you can get it done at banks, check cashing businesses, and Western Union locations.

How to fill out a money order | A step-by-Step guide

how to fill out money order

1. Pay to /the order of

write the name of the person or business you want to send the money/ the person or business who will receive the money. Please make sure to spell the name correctly, so that your recipient will not face any issue while cashing it out.

2. Purchaser section

you need to write your address in the purchaser section.  You should write your full name and address correctly. Your recipient can contact you in case of any issue or problem with the payment.

3. Payment for/account number section

if you are paying a bill include your account number in this section. Filling this section will make sure that your account is credited for the payment

4. Purchaser’s signature section

make sure to sign on this section. In this way you making money order official. Please not- don’t sign on the back, this area is for recipient only.

5. Your receipt

you should keep your receipt in safe custody. This is your payment proof and save you any problem in future


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